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We offer 10 GB Free storage to all registered users. Here you can upload all kind of files like pdf, mp4, mp3, mkv. There is no limit you can upload all of your back ups with NitroDrive! If you need more storage and features, Feel free to check out our Paid Plans, It's super cheap.
As a free user, You can upload up to 2 GB per file, it's a greate opportunity to upload your big files or back ups much easy. If you have bigger files, You can split and upload them easily.
NitroDrive allows you to upload All of your files and folders as fast as possible in bulk with different methods like Web uploads, FTP, Web Dav, Remote and API. There will be no speed limits, It's super fast.
Downloading from NitroDrive is fast, We won't limit your speed, However you can take advantage of our Paid Plans and try them for fastest possible speeds. With paid plans you will access our premium network and servers and your downloads speed will be fast even on pick times.
With this great feature you can upload your files from other sites to NitroDrive. With this feature you won't need to download the files on your system. Just put your direct links on the box and hit the upload button.
You will have a nice file manager, Where you can orgenize your files and folders very easy. You can also view, download, rename, copy your files, Just like your PC or Phone.
NitroDrive web designing is mobile friendly. You can access it with your phone, tablet, pc.
We believe uploading your files should be easy and trouble free, So all you need to do is drag your files and drop it into our upload box.
With this perfect feature you can put a password on your files or folders and share them with everybody you want, So no unwanted people can access your shared files.

Looking for more? Go Pro!

Yes, It's possible. You can get up to 100 TB per user or account with NitroDrive. You can choose between many different plans and choose the best one as your needs.
Many services won't provide you a fair bandwidth, But here on NitroDrive, We provide you huge bandwidth. We won't limit your bandwidth when you trying to download your backups.
Yes, We have 4 different paid plans that can meet all kind of users needs. From small to huge storage and bandwidth is available.
With Pro access, You can download all files as fast as your connection supported. We provide you highest possible download speeds. Our premium speed will amaze you surely
Forget about ads with Pro access. There will be no ads for Premium users.
Downloads will be instant, No waiting time, No capatcha, No limits, Just one click.
With FTP, You can access your files instantly and download them in bulk. Also you can manage and upload your files very easy with FTP.
Our Webdav access will allow you to use NitroDrive just like your Hard Drive. It's an amazing feature that allows you to manage all of your files very easy.
File Viewer is a greate feature if you want to view your files on NitroDrive. MP4, MP3, documents are supported.
With Pro access, You can make sure that your files will be available always.
You can be sure that your support tickets or emails will be responded as fast as possible.
Our advanced API can provide many features to developers.

Share your files with everyone!

We supply you with all the tools necessary to easily share your files. Use our pre-generated html code to link from your website or post directly to Facebook or Twitter.

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Fast and instant downloading!

Our premium members benefit from no waiting time and direct downloads for all of their files. Unlike other file hosts we don't limit the transfer speed of our downloads.

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Safe and Secure

Safely store and backup all your essential files. From family photos & videos to important documents, you can rely on us to store all your media securely and forever.

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